Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ok, so people are disaffected, disenchanted, and feel disenfranchised. The big power interests have taken over the country, the world, and the government.

They didn't take it over, they always had it - but -

Your vote does matter. Yes it does - because if it didn't, there wouldn't be such a fuss. No - it is not all a sham - a play - it is not done just to fool you.

Sure we have come close to dismembering the constitution - yes, I certainly do despise the current administration and what it has done to civil liberties and human rights.

Sure - there is money and power on both sides, and the one thing that we know about money and power is that money and power likes to stay the holder of money and power.

But - there is - in my mind - a big difference between the two sides running. Yes - your vote matters.

Well, you say, between the candidates in each party - who cares? My answer is - you should. Your vote sends a message - not only between Hillary and Barack - (I could care less what Republican wins) - but the number of votes casts sends a big message.

Hillary and Barack both represent real change for Washington from the horror of the past 8 years. Both - together - represent the best we have to offer in terms of compromise and moving forward. Both - together - stand a chance of stopping a major war.

They need to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight the Republicans - and they will I would hope. But they need to hear from you - they need to know that whichever of them takes the most delegates to the convention, that a huge voice yelled across the country - I have had enough of this - I won't take it anymore.

Hillary or Barack - it needs to be an overwhelming vote - not an overwhelming victory of one of them over the other - that isn't the point and it doesn't matter - but we all need to hear the sound of the feet of the people moving - walking - running - to be heard. Yes - you - the people - you on your computer - you in your chair - not some American companies and their flight to offshore havens to hide their profits from American auditors, not the insurance industry which hires thousands of lawyers to avoid paying health claims, not the oil companies with record profits and soaring prices, but you - sitting there - with your real spending power eroding and your protection under the constitution slowly leaking away.

Please - if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia , Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho Illinois, Kansas Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana New Jersey, New York, or Tennessee - then get your butt out of your chair and vote.

Be heard - make a very loud noise - say - NO - no more war no more destruction of the lives of the middle class no more moving profits and accountability offshore to protect the special interests. No more packing of the courts with toadies who will vote not their judicial consciences but their political interests. No more no more no more.

Please help everyone be heard and respected. Bring America back to its people.

Please vote.


Gabe said...

Well i have decided to leave a comment on my own blog - :) - so here it (they) are:
1. i just saw the news coverage of the parade for the Giants for the Super Bowl - and if all those people who are there who can vote didn't vote - are don't vote - and go to that parade - well shame on them and shame on us. It is bad enough that Laura Bush went and said on national TV that the Super Bowl was more important in her house (remember folks, that is the White House??) than Super Tuesday would be - for crying out loud. And that family runs the previously most powerful country on earth?
2. I voted - I'll tell you for whom if you want to know -either ask me or tell me to post it and I will - but i am happy with my vote. :)

Esmiel said...

I was gonna do a thing about politics today, but it seems you kinda blew my crappy post outta the water so I'll comment on this instead :)

The news coverage on this side of the pond has been quite interesting and raised a few issues I'd like to have clarified...

1. Why do people expect black people to vote for Barack? Because he is black? Since when did race come into politics, and why should it decide who you vote for? Its like voting for a blonde candidate because you are blonde too :)

2. Why do you Americans put up with the same two parties? Why not vote for some other party for a change?

3. Why the fuck is the US voting system so fucking complicated?

4. I read that McCain accused Romney of having 'liberal' ideas. I found these 5 definitions for 'liberal' and I'd like to know what kind of retard would tolerate, let alone vote for, someone who thinks these are bad things...

1. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
2. favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression.
3. of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
4. free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant.
5. open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc

You dont have to respond to this, its just me voicing my concerns over the curious state of affairs in modern politics that dont concern me ^_^

Gabe said...

Oh Esmie- you are so right. And yet - Poor America - we are so fucked up. Yes - race has everything to do with politics in America - so many people have died in the past 100 years - 150 years - to overcome that and yet it still defines so much. Our system is complicated and obtuse and our attitudes are antedeluvian - and yes - 1/2 the country endorses people who stand for such reprehensible things - (of course they think the other half does too).

We used to try so hard to be a haven for the poor and the suffering of the world, we are now a country in which people are so insane they want to build a 700 mile long 20 foot high fence along our southern border.

We used to have a constitution that protected everyone - now we have laws that protect mainly the rich.

We used to guarantee everyone the same rights under law, and to be champions of human rights in the world. Now we are considered to be one of the worst human right offenders in the developed world, and deny the rights of law to 1,000's of detainees.

I actually wound up voting for Barack Obama - there - you got it out of me - because- in the end- he isn't part of the machine - isn't dirty yet so far as we know, and maybe, just maybe, he will do what he says he will, and not be bought by the interests that move 87 billion dollars of hidden profits offshore and hide them.

We can hope. I hope - i have to hope - that he will be accountable to the millions of young people and disenfranchised people and working people who might get him elected, and will truly live up the promises he is making- to give everyone the same chance to live a good life.

Thanks Esmie - you are right in everything you say - we are the terrible infant of the modern world, but an infant holding a live grenade.

Esmiel said...

10,000 thermonuclear multi-megaton grenades no less :)

Its not like Britain is much better. The defence chief lady recently proposed a bill that would allow her - and only her - to deny a jury to certain trials involving 'terror suspects'. We learn from our little/big brother fast huh

Kaj said...

Dammit, I had a long written comment but when I hit publish I got an error statement and it erased it all! :(

To recap what I wrote....Gabe you and Esmie both make intelligent and well thought out ideas/comments. It makes me proud to know both of you.

I hope I don't get an error statement this time. :)

Osayo said...

I agree with just about everything you guys have said so I wont rehash it all. I am about to go vote for Obama. Mostly for the same reasons you said you did Gabe. I almost feel like I am voting FOR someone rather than AGAINST someone like I usually do. I just hope there are a thousand other young people here in Minnesota who feel the same way I do and are doing the same thing right now.

We shall see...