Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Wednesday After - What Happened?

OK  - Super Tuesday is over.  And what happened.

For the Republicans - nothing much.  McCain appears to be a clear front runner - Romney will have some clout at the convention, but McCain is going to head the ticket unless there is a major upset - so- what does/could that mean to us - if he wins - or even if he doesn't

-----Nothing----  it is really no change at a deep level - more of the same politics and back stabbing and war mongering that we are used to.

Now - the political pundits are all over the Dems - omg they say - not a clear victory - not a clear race - OMG they say - if McCain takes the Rep nomination early on and the Dems go into the convention without a clear winner - they start the campaign for the presidency so much later.

What do I say to that - - such CRAP!!

The Democrats are bringing out the voters in record numbers - this is an election which matters to us and to everyone.

there is a clear winner - the Democrats. God we have the numbers out there voting.  and there is another clear winner - The American People.

The ticket is clear - Clinton - Obama - it covers everyone - and they need to start campaigning as Clinton-Obama NOW!  Record numbers - a close, close race -  the message is clear - open your eyes.

What did Nike say - ?

"JUST DO IT!" - and they sold a whole lot of shoes with that one.

What did Obama say on the campaign trail- ?

"YES WE CAN!" - and Cesar Chaves got farm workers rights and pay with that one - and we can elect a Hilary - Barack ticket with it too.

Sure it is a bit of a disappointment to Barack supporters but - for crying out loud - he is young - he is only 47 now, 48 when they win and take the over the White House - eight years from now he will step into the  presidency at the age of 56 - young enough to make a huge impact for his 8 years.

Yes We Can!! together - clearly Hilary and Barack have supporters in equal numbers who don't want to quit.  And add all those supporters together and we sweep into the White House.

Wake up Hilary and Barack - start now - Do it together NOW.

Yeah - it is rough.  OK everyone - back to sleep.  They can't announce it - no one will go out and vote then - so they have to keep the pressure on.  And the two front runners together - it isn't the usual way - but but but - WE DON'T WANT THE USUAL WAY

-  OK, they can't announce it now - but - think about it - but maybe they can -

whoever gets the greater number of votes - President

the lesser number of votes - Vice President -

Commit now !!

Hilary and Barack - or - Obama / Clinton.

Think about it.  The supporters will come out in record numbers - and the campaign begins today - either way - either ticket - it means we get to have America back - compassionate- ruled by the fairness of the constitution - checks and balances back in the government - a good economy - and an end to this war.

Do it together - wow - what a novel idea for American politics - cooperate.

Wow - what a team.


Kaj said...

I like the way you think Gabe! I've had similar thoughts myself but you have the ability to put it out there so simply yet eloquently!!

Osayo said...

I have always had a lot of respect for Hillary and still do. I think she is very smart, strong and capable and would definitely be better than any of the republican candidates. The reason I like Obama over Hillary though is he seems more genuine at this point and also I think his "lack of experience" is an asset since I think it is more likely to produce real, much needed change. He has never accepted money from special interest groups. He is fresh, young and has not sold out yet. That is what we need.

Well, Tuesday was exciting. We had a record turn out here in Minnesota. There were traffic jams because so many people went to vote. At my location the traffic was backed up for several blocks. And that was just the caucus! I have never even seen that on an actual election day. So, I think people are finally waking up.

I am optimistic about this year and hope we can start moving in a new direction as a nation.

Esmiel said...

I've been reading up on this quite alot - the media here see this as a pretty important thing not just for the US but for the world too.

Personally, I hope Obama wins. Generally young people have more refreshing and fun ideas and Clinton's eyes dont smile when her mouth does.

Osayo said...

That's annoying, just realized my link doesn't work. oh well, not like there isn't enough news coverage of it all anyway.

That is a really good point about Hillary Es. I never thought of it that way.

Syd said...

I'll be voting for Obama next month; I'm amazed it won't be clinched before then! I just think he is more likely to win than she is.

Osayo said...

The other thing about Clinton is she is very polarizing. Similar to how Bush was/is. The difference is she is not polarizing just between dems and republicans, she causes a divide within the democratic base itself. However, I do think if she gets the nomination most democrats will end up backing her. Many will feel like they are voting for the lesser of two evils at that point though.

Not saying that is how I feel, but it is an observation I have made among many people.

Gabe said...

I am an Obama supporter now too - the Clintons have both gotten nasty recently - and that's just old politics as usual. But if they could both work together - that would be awesome. I have hope again - for the first time in a while i think that America might actually come to its collective senses. I can hope.

BTW - my gosh - McCain is now coming across (to me) as a monster - we have got to win -we have just got to win.