Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, I have decided to put a new section in.

Ok, here is the deal.

I have decided to start a new section of my blog - I don't want to start a new blog so it is a section here.

It is called - THINGS THAT DON'T F&*K*NG WORK!!

I encourage everyone to post about things that don't work the way they are supposed to, and then I forward the comments on to the manufacturers.  So here is one to start.


Why do I have to keep re-initializing and restoring my IPOD to factory default because it won't turn off anymore.  It is a known problem - the instructions for what to do with the IPOD when it won't turn off are on the Internet.  So - Apple - ummm- well - you know it is happening - so - ummm - FIX IT!!!

What's the big deal Apple - just make it work.

So post things like this - and I'll find the email for someone at the manufacturer or the company and send it along.

Of course, we could fill the whole blog with LL SL things.  Post a few if you want :)



Esmiel said...

Here are a few from SL I would like to see fixed:

Teleports crashing/failing/logging us out;

Stuff taking forever to rez/never rezzing at all;

My tiny inventory of just 20,000 items taking forever to load;

People being invisible in Windlight!!!

There are loads more, but these are the things I wanna see fixed asap.

Kaj said...

OMG yeah I agree with Esmie. I'm so tired of crashing while tping after I've been in a sim for a while. I don't really care if clouds looking prettier fix the stuff that's already there. It's all gotten worse since windlight got added, first voice lagged everything and now WL is doing the same thing and sometimes I'm not even using WL coz it get soooo laggy.

And while I'm at it can they fix the potholes on my street here in RL?

Osayo said...

Oh come on, the potholes keep Minnesota driving interesting:)

(joking of course)