Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Makeover - New Look, Hair, Skin, Clothes

Well, I haven't had a makeover in a year.

So a number of people have now made me over -

they were - (in chronological order):

Esmie and Nicho



so - here is the old me at my ?best? (Esmie's photo for my profile and blog photo)

gabe's profile from esmie

Now here is me as I am today after the makeover:

for the blog in my new clothes_004

Well - which is the real me? Let me know what you think.

Thanks - i have to admit to being confused, although, in all fairness, i should ask esmie to do a photo of the new me with the same effects as the old photo so that we can compare.


Osayo said...

The first pic is one of most beautiful SL photos I have seen, you looked great and Es did such a good job on it. So, I am still partial to it. I think the only way to make a fair comparison would be to see your new look with the same effects. I do like it so far though.

Esmiel said...

I'm up for doing a new pic of ya Gabe - in the flesh, I do prefer the new you (not just saying that cos I helped create it lol) - You can just email me a couple of pics or we can take them specially - either way just lemme know ;)

Gabe said...

Thanks Esmie :) - yes - in person please (taking pictures is more fun that way :)

We can use the same pose (if you can remember how we did it) that we used for the first one.

thanks Esmie -