Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Goodness - It's been a long time

Well, it has been a long time since I posted to the blog.  Exactly one month, actually.  Chesie put up a post to his blog so it got me thinking - time to update the news.

Since Chesie and I were partnered exactly one month ago - November 7 - a month ago yesterday - life has been wonderful.  Chesie is the sweetest and warmest partner - I love him very much and spend hours with him while he builds.  We sit together and I do my work - and he does his - and we cuddle and keep company together.  I have more or less given up my neko look, but I love kissing Chesie's neko ears - and licking his nose - and rubbing his tummy.

Here is Chesie:


chesie builds our house 1_003

I can snuggle with him for hours.  :)


So here is the news:

1.  Chesie built us a new house - he got tired of the old one so he built a new one - in less than 24 hours.  He is amazing.  It is very South Pacific - a style he likes - the house is in many different buildings - you walk on wooden walkways from one part to the other - it is very outdoors.  I love it - I haven't bumped into anything in a long time :) although I do still get lost trying to find the kitchen.

2.  Chesie is building full time for CNDG.  The newest project is almost done - Mak and Chesi and Nicho are all building, Esmie is the assistant manager - helping Kat who is the general manager, and the builders are working under RJ who is the master builder and designer.  I just watch - having no talent - and keep the bank :).  it is awesome.

3.  Christmas is coming - Esmie and Nicho are having a party, our house is decorated for christmas, and the season's spirits are starting to rise.  It's too early for a formal Christmas post but there will be one soon.

Here are some recent pictures - i hope you like them.


tiki finished first morning_001

Sitting with Chesie while he builds the new house


first day building the sandbox_006

Construction Equipment in the build sandbox


And here are some of the new house all set up for Christmas.  I don't know if you can see the trains under the tree but they toot as they go around :)


tiki house christmas_001


tiki house christmas_002


tiki house christmas_003

More to come -

Thanks Chesie - it is a really wonderful house.

I love you Wallaby.


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Kaj said...

Awww I'm so happy for you guys, congrats on your 1 month anniversary. And you're right Gabe he's quite the builder! :)