Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our First Night as Partners :)

 chesie's guitar_005


Chesie and I spent a lovely day together today - it is such a joy to be his partner.  We got rings - which had bling which we didn't want - and Celty came and took out the bling. Celty can fix anything.  :)

We gave Simon a present - Simon passed his Master of Fine Arts in Music examinations yesterday - his recital was a great success and he passed with honors.  We gave him a mandolin and a guitar - lovely instruments from Bill Havercamps Guitar Palace - and he liked them a lot.

Chesie decided to make a mock combat space - like a paintball field - for game playing - he and Esmie love to run around shooting each other LOL.  Here we are sleeping in it - he was building and got tired so we just crashed up there.

Altogether a lovely day.  ches and me hugging chesie ps

This is a picture done by my wonderful Chesie - and I think of it more or less as our signature picture - :)


Altogether a wonderful partner - I love you Mr. Howley sir - :) - my wallaby.


Esmiel said...

Oh I bet he built the damn place to his advantage. He'll have all the cover and he'll just send me into orbit again with those damn Glocks! Curse them!

I can't wait to shower him with lead though, it makes me feel so good for some reason - not because it's Chester, but because it relieves alot of my stress ;D

He is quite a small target tho...

Kaj said...

Oh Gabe that's so cool you guys bought rings together. It sounds like you guys are really happy together! Yay! :D

Osayo said...

Congrats guys:)