Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Post 2 - Becoming Friends Again


Well - Chesie and I are friends again.  It took a couple of weeks to get comfortable with each other - that's not surprising - there were a lot of emotions running around through both of us.  It was an intense relationship and so it needed some time to find a new balance.  I am very glad though- I love Chesie and want us to be friends - I am happy we are.

Chesie is building a new house for himself over on Maupiti - one of our islands - a very nice house since Chesie is a great builder.  It is nice to stop over now and then to say HI, give him a kiss, get his opinion on my latest shopping for myself disaster, see how he is doing.  This morning I showed him my "return to neko island" look - it is rather a disaster i think - and Chesie was very nice.  He said - "well it is a bit extreme - sort of "bang - I'm here - but nice."  Hmmm - i think i should tone it down a bit.  I'll put a pic right here so you can advise.  Let me know what you think.

neko me_002 cropped


Speaking of love affairs and partnerships finding their way back to friendships, it is in the natural order of things - when something stops, there is a bit of a throwing around of stuff inside.  think of a car hitting a wall and stopping.  it is a jolt.  but hopefully the air-bags deploy and everyone gets out safely, hugs and kisses and makes sure no bones are broken, and then gets on the bus after the tow truck pulls the car away.

As Christmas continues to draw near, it is nice to reflect on that.  Love is what is important - not how you express it but just that you feel it and show it to the people about whom you care.

The fourth Sunday in Advent is coming - Christmas is almost here.  Can't you just taste the egg-nog :)


Anonymous said...

My beautiful son~ you could have spots, stripes or polka dots...wouldn't matter. The Gabe we all know and love shines through any exterior (although I must repeat Chesters "wow") I see you in perhaps something not as stark as b/w.
It warms my heart that you & Chester can be great friends. I love you son and I'm soo very proud of you!
xox your mom

Syd said...

I really liked the spikey blond hair you had when you visited my new place, but I know sometimes you gots to get yer cat on!

Kaj said...

Your new look realy lets you stand out Gabe, I kinda dig it! It was also cool running into you and Syd last night while shopping and thanks so much for swinging by Aqua when I was DJing Tuesday night. It's always great seeing you! :)