Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posting to the Blog

well - first of all - Esmie said it is time for me to start posting to my blog again - so - here we go. I am going to be posting to my blog again. Thanks - keep your sets tuned here folks. tape at 11.

And here is a very sexy picture of Esmie - well two actually - and I think these photos put an end forever to the "what is sexy" conversation - you are looking at it. ROTFL

Thanks Esmie - Gabe gives Esmie a big smooch.

By the Way - there are a number of people who have helped to keepd me together over the past three weeks - well longer than that -

You know who you are guys - and a gal - but -

i will post for each of you individually as time goes on.

But for the record, I wouldn't have made it through without:

(in no particular order - Please - I can't order greatness and love)

My Mom
My Sister
My Nephew Little Gabe
and my newest friend Ami.

All of you spent hours holding me and kissing me and comforting me and talking to me and loving me and I have to say I would be burnt toast if it weren't for you.

And special thanks to Jay and Other Micah.

Smooches Smooches Smooooches

Anyway - more later

Enjoy the sexy pictures

(Oh, by the way - I have really nice tattoos now - (Esmie picked them out for me) - next post -photos of my new Tat's.)

I will post about you all in a future post.

See Esmie- I am posting to the blog again.

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Esmiel said...

Yay for posting! Now I know its worth looking at your blog at least once a day cos there might be something new written there *lol*