Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, it is time for this to stop. The question is, how-

All of Dreamland was griefed yesterday - here is how it looked at our home - Safe Harbor -

For those who don't know griefing is the harrassment of others - especially by trying to make life unlivable on their land. sometimes it is a specific hate crime - griefing gay people, sometimes it is just general - griefing everybody.

Don't know what this was - seems to be griefing gay people - it was pridelands that seemed to get the brunt of it.

the problem is, how do we stop it? this particular individual - if we can call him/her that - created an account, griefed, and deleted the account all in one afternoon.

So it is hard. So long as Second Life is open to all griefing will be a possiblity.

But there is a way to stop it - it is risky but it can work. Linden Labs knows the login IP address of the griefer - it is in the login logs. So the griefer's rl identity is known.

Think about that griefers - what if it were published- Joe Moake at 3293 Asshole Drive is a griefer. Phone number. Where you work.

Do we want to see that happen - no - we don't. But maybe that it can will help to stop the griefing.


Esmiel said...

Griefing is always bad and I despise griefers - why live to cause other people misery - that isnt a reason to live, you might as well go away and kill yourself >.< ... but at least you didn't get covered with the images we did at the beach, Gabie - I cant get them outta my head...

Makara said...

We were griefed?! F-ing hell! Why didn't you say anything to me, angel?! *rushes to hug you*

Osayo said...

Unfortunately there will probably always be trolls, griefers etc... on the internet. Many I think are probably just immature kids sitting on their mommies computer and going "OMG pwned LOLZ!!!". They will grow up some day, and will realize how stupid they used to act. (most of them I hope)

The ones who do it to truly harass an individual or particular group of people are cowards. They probably have not spent more than one minute of their lives doing any self reflection, they are reactionary cowards with no real ideas. If they did they would not have to resort to acts of harassment, they would attack with logic and ideas. When these kind of people are confronted, with a logical argument, their answers are usually along the lines of “just because” or “F you” or violence, or in the case of SL, griefing, sim flooding and such.

There is no easy answer. Blocking based on IP is a good idea, however many people have dynamic IP addresses, what if I get assigned one that was once had by a griefer, it would be pain for me, and LL to unblock it. They would have to block anonymous proxies also, otherwise the griefers would just connect through those, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands of those on the net.

Right now, I think having land security and giving residents of land the power to eject/ban people is the best solution at the moment. (I have not had to do either since I started doing security at Boots, thankfully) It sucks, but just remember, griefers are little, immature, spineless people and you are better than them. Handle them accordingly.

Sum Yung Guy said...

My Sim was also grieved ( and is not associated with any group) but I have to disagree with IP blocking. Although a nice thought, as Osayo said it would effect dynamic IP adressees.
Also aking Lindens to deal with security through IP is not a good idea as:
Ip address can be spoofed with IP re-routing apps...and
Give the Lindens more big brother ideas????? no puleez!!!!