Wednesday, September 12, 2007

As The World Turns

So it isn't September 11 anymore. It is September 12. We remembered. We stood together in silence, in prayer or in just thoughfulness, we had special memorial services, we had masses and we sang. We heard bells. We lit candles. We saw the faces of the children who had lost parents on TV, and the faces of the parents who had lost children.

And the war goes on. Car bombings, homes destroyed, civil war. Darfur. Iraq. Destruction. Chaos. Death.

What did we learn, from standing silently? What did we do, to make the world change? How does remembering help?

The simple answer - it helps to remember so we will act. It helps to remember so we will DO.

Shakespeare had Hamlet's uncle say "my words rise up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go." He was praying for forgiveness or for guidance. It was useless - he was not really interested in understanding, or so it would seem. Is our government, is Osama Bin Laden, are any of the terrorists, praying for understanding? Or for victory.

Make a difference - today. Help an old person carry packages - deliver food - smile to someone.

It is all we can do and it is what is needed. We don't believe that - we believe we have to do more - so we don't even do that. But if we all did that, there would be no more.

Once again, it becomes quite simple - it has been said a thousand times in every language, in one form or another- treat others as you would be treated. Love others as you would be loved.

9/11 isn't a day- it is a call - it is a reminder that we dont' treat others as we would be treated.

In the end, it is all have - remembering.


Osayo said...

Incredibly well said Gabe. I wish more people in the world thought like you do.


Kaj said...

Wow Gabe, you're right. If people would focus more on helping others, even the little things, it could help change the world. One of my favorite musicians, Patti Smith, has a song called "People Have The Power". One of the lines goes "...The people have the power, the power to dream to rule, to wrestle the earth from fools. It's decreed the people rule..." Check it out, it's off her album "Dream of Life"