Monday, October 22, 2007

Chesie built us a new house. That in itself isn't so amazing. But it is a beautiful and big new house - made totally from scratch by my Chesie. And - he built it in about 10 hours. That is amazing.

It is big and cosy and lovely and wonderful - like my Chesie - and he built it for me because I told him I was tired of bumping into walls when I walk and not being able to open doors and go up stairs. So it is wide and open - and has no doors only archways, and the stairs are wide enough for two at a time.

Thanks Chesie - no more bruises - yay - LOL.

Here are some more photos - they are really cuddle pic's but the house is where we are. Maybe Chesie will do some architectural photos and give them to me to post.

Chesie will be putting his build stuff up on SL Exchange. Anyone looking for anything like it should check out Chesie's listings - just do a search for Chester Howley. It is amazing. (not to mention comfy and cosy.)

Chesie is most happy when he is building. I sit with him for hours sometimes while he does - we snuggle on a flying cusion or blanket (hehe) and he zooms around with his camera angle getting things just right. When Chesie goes into the zone - time stops.

Pretty soon we will have a commercial SIM through CNDG - and then all Chesie's stuff will be out for viewing, as well as other stuff done by our designers - Mak and Nicho and Esmie and, of course, RJ. I'll let you know when it's ready.


Esmiel said...

"It is big and cosy and lovely and wonderful - like my Chesie"

"big" isn't a word I would use to describe the lil cutey. He's small but perfectly formed I'd say... just not that big, I'm at least a foot taller than him :P

Gabe said...

hehe - yes but Chesie in RL is 6'4" tall - that's pretty big LOL.

Good catch though Esmie :)

Esmiel said...

Ooooh I bet he has a massive...

...shoe size.