Thursday, March 13, 2008

why did you send us all your Puritans?

I was talking with Mak and I was lamenting how much fuss is being made over our Governor - Elliot Spitzer - and his being "linked" to a "Prostitution Ring" - well  - no - he is a customer - a john - he wasn't linked to a ring - he was a dope who got caught hiring prostitutes when

1.   He is married and

2.   He is the Governor of New York and very visible and

3.   He was the State Attorney General and prosecuted people for what he got caught doing and

4.   Tried to hide that he was doing it and paying for it (DUH!!) and

5.   Tried to hide the payments (DUH!!) by "structuring" his bank stuff - DUH DUH DUH!!!

6.   Might be charged under the Mann Act - oh give me a break - transporting a prostitute across state lines for illegal purposes - oh brother -

And no one has anything better to do?  or anything better to think about? 

Mak said that over there - where you were smart enough to get rid of the Calvinists and the rest of the Puritans and send them here to help kill natives and destroy a truly lovely culture - so that instead of honoring the Great Spirit - and honoring two-spirit beings (which is what the Native Americans called gay people whom they honored and if you don't believe me see  the Puritans and the Calvinists and the moral right have managed to turn it all into this nonsense .  And the rest of the sensible world can't believe we are making such a fuss.  Well - the British and the European Press are not without their own ability to make a fuss, but

Aren't there lots of important things to think about?

Don't people think maybe this isn't one of them?

The Governor is guilty of one major crime - being an out of control idiot.  (that's worse than being and in-control idiot- at least you don't embarrass yourself and everyone else).

But this much fuss?  There hasn't been anything else on the news for three days.

Does the phrase "free bread and circuses" mean anything to anyone anymore?  Slight of hand?  Misdirection of Attention?

That's right everyone - think about poor Governor Spitzer and where he put his you-know-what and into whom.  Don't think about the increasing erosion of our personal liberties - which he helped to fight against.  Don't think about the growing awareness that the country is becoming "not a democracy".  Don't think about anything.  Be good robots. 

And to top it off - why did they catch him?  A Homeland Security sting.  Oh really - that's how we protect the country - follow the trail of penises?



Esmiel said...

Firstly - what is a Calvinist?

Secondly - I think the US is the kind of place where 'family values' are placed ridiculously high on the agenda of most people, above things like freedom of speech and freedom to be as idiotic as you like.
So this Spitzer dude has broken some family values by paying for sex cos his wife just isnt enough for him and so he is now the devil himself - and as such deserves blanket media coverage.

What a retarded world :)

Awesome post tho Gabie - funny and thought provoking, want more like this dammit!

Gabe said...

Thanks Esmie. :) OK - the Gabie Commentary on the News - going to start it right now during Spring Break - an (at least) weekly post on just how stupid can we get?!!!!!

Stay tuned :)

Osayo said...

I think prostitution should be legal. As long as it is a transaction that takes place between consenting adults. One gets pleasure the other money (and maybe enjoys it too), seems win/win to me and it harms no one.

He cheated on his wife. Oh well, not my business. I do not really care actually. That is their problem to work out.

Where did the money come from exactly? Who cares? The US tax payers have funded a 9 billion dollar war that has killed how many people? That should be higher on the worry list.

The guy is a hypocrite and that speaks to his character, he did the right thing by stepping down.

The news media provides a service, not to us but the people who pay the bills, the advertisers/corporations. The more viewers they get, the more value they can offer their customers (eyeballs = money in advertising). Sensationalism gets the viewers. They do not care about delivering accurate news to us, rather just getting as many of us to watch as possible and in doing so they deliver results to the corporations, their real customer.

To end on a lighter note... I was wondering about his prostitute, and if she Spitzer swallows?

Kaj said...

if she Spitzer swallows

OMG hahaha

And yeah Gabe it got overblown (no pun intended). My fav part is that Spitzer got caught by his own trap. He's the one who developed the banking tracking system that caught him. haha

I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

Glad to see you posting again Gabe!! Hope to see you at Aqua or AE again soon.